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18 Classics

(cut to 6~8 pcs)

Spicy Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll 5.50
Spicy Salmon Roll 4.95
Spicy Yellowtail Roll 4.95
Spicy Crab Stick Roll 4.55
Spicy Scallop Roll 5.95

Simply Meat

Grilled Chicken Roll 5
Grilled Beef Roll 5
Grilled Shrimp Roll 5

Simply Fish Roll

Tuna Roll 4.55
Salmon Roll 4.55
Yellowtail Roll 4.95
Eel Roll 4.95
Albacore Tataki Roll 6.95
White Tuna Roll 4.95

Classic Roll

California Roll 4.55
crab stick, cucumber, avocado, masago

Tempura Roll 6.25
tempura shrimp, cucumber, masago

Spider Roll 7.95
soft shell crab, cucumber, lettuce,masago

Dragon Roll 8.95
california roll topped with eel and avocado

Rainbow Roll 8.95
avocado, cucumber, crab stick with 3 kinds fish on top

Firecracker Roll 10.95
soft shell crab, spicy yellowtail, smoked salmon, masago

Philly Roll 5.95
smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado

Caterpillar Roll 8.95
eel, cucumber topped with avocado

18 Revolution

Please ask your server about our seasonal special rolls.

Sweet 18 15.95
spicy crabmeat, cucumber, avocado wrapped with soy bean sheet, topped with honey glazed crispy shrimp

Green Monster 13.95
softshell crab, avocado, lettuce with avocado on top, drizzled with spicy eel sauce

E.T. 11.95
eel, tuna, avocado with masago, spicy mayo with tempura flakes drizzled on top

Dancing Eel 13.95
Spicy salmon, crunchy, avocado, topped with eel and black

Tobbiko Spicy Lover 10.95
spicy tuna, cucumber, crunchy, topped with jalapeno pepper and spicy yellowtail

Tokyo Triangle 9.95
deep fried rice wrapped inside out with avocado, cream cheese, tuna and salmon. Spicy Mayo and red tobbiko.

Hawaiian Sunset 12.95
tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy tun topped with red/gold tobbiko and peach suce

Yum Yum 10.95
spicy tuna and cucumber topped with albacore tuna, mayo and red onion; served with ponzu sauce

The Blakeney 11.95
deep fried spicy salmon and avocado with rice inside and masago

Tsunami 11.95
tempura shrimp, cucumber and cream cheese topped with spicy crab, tempura flakes, spicy mayo and masago

Rasta Roll 11.95
spicy crab, cucumber topped with steamed shrimp served with eel sauce and jalapeno peppers

Alaska Roll 12.95
tempura shrimp and cucumber topped with snow crab and masago

Super Nova 11.95
spicy tuna, tempura crabstick, cucumber, cream cheese, top with spicy crab, avocado, and crunchies

Craig Roll 12.95
avocado, tempura shrimp, spicy scallop topped with spicy crab, spicy mayo and tempura crunch

Rob Roll 13.95
tempura shrimp, avocado and cucumber topped with spicy crab, spicy scallop, snow crab, smoke salmon, masago in special sauce

Tarheel Roll 12.95
spicy tuna, shrimp and cucumber topped with spring mix, crab and masago in special sauce

Charlie Roll 11.95
cucumber, crabmeat, cream cheese topped with chopped and fried
softshell crab and special Charlie Sauce

Panther Roll 12.95
freshwater eel, cucumber, crabmeat topped with tuna, yellowtail and avocado torched with special sauce and masago

Rich Roll 11.95
spicy crab, cream cheese and cucumber topped with tuna, jalapeño sauce, masago, and tempura crunch

Nigiri: (2pcs) served on pillow rice
Sashimi: (3pcs) $1.5 extra on each item


Tuna (Maguro) 4.95
Fatty Tuna (Toro) MP
Albacore Tataki 4.5
White Tuna 3.5
Yellowtail (Hamachi) 4.95
Salmon (Sake) 3.95
Mackerel (Saba) 3.5
Red Snapper (Tai) 3.5
Sweet Shrimp (Ama-Ebi) 8
Squid (Ika) 3.5
Spicy Scallop 5
Surf Clam (Hokkigai) 3


Egg (Tamago) 3
Smoked Salmon 4
Freshwater Eel (Unagi) 5
Sea Eel (Anago) 4.5
Crab Stick (Kani) 3
Tempura Shrimp 4
Steamed Shrimp (Ebi) 3.5
Snow Crab 4
Tofu Skin (Inari) 3
Octopus (Tako) 4.5
Baby Octopus 4


Salmon Roe (Ikura) 4.5
Flying Fish Roe (Red Tobbiko) 3
Flying Fish Roe (Wasabi Tobbiko) 3
Flying Fish Roe (Black Tobbiko) 3
Smelt Roe (Masago) 3

add cucumber, avocado or cream cheese $1
soy sheet paper $1 ; deep fried $2 ; sub brown rice $1

Sushi Platter

Sushi Appetizer 12.95
california roll, 1 kind nigiri, i kind sashimi

House Sampler 16.95
house salad, 4 pcs nigiri, 6 pcs sashimi

Deluxe Sample 24.95
california roll + 3 tuna, 3 salmon, 3 eel, 3 snapper sashimi

Sushi + Sashimi Combo 27.95
8 pcs chef selected nigiri + 9 pcs sashimi

Chirashi 17.95
assorted sashimi over sushi rice... chef selection

add cucumber, avocado or cream cheese $1 
soy sheet paper $1 ; deep fried $2 ; sub brown rice $1

Hand Roll

(in a large cone-shaped; served 1 pc.)

Spicy Tuna 5
Spicy Salmon 5
Spicy Yellowtail 5
Spicy Scallop 5
Spicy Crab Stick 5
Snow Crab 6
Eel 5
Tempura Shrimp 6
Asparagus + Cucumber 5
Japanese Mayo + Steamed Shrimp + Cucumber 6

NOTE: For optimal taste and texture, Hand Roll must be eaten quickly after
being made because the seaweed cone soon absorbs moisture from the filling
and loses its crispness and becomes somewhat difficult to bite.

add cucumber, avocado or cream cheese $1 
soy sheet paper $1 ; deep fried $2 ; sub brown rice $1

Vegetable Maki Roll

(cut to 6 pcs)

Avocado Roll 4
Cucumber Roll 4
Carrots Roll 4
Mixed of Any 2 5
please circle 2, avocado, cucumber, carrots
Garden Roll 5
avocado, cucumber, seaweed and carrots
Buddha Roll 5.95
fried sweet potato, cucumber, cream cheese and avocado

add cucumber, avocado or cream cheese $1 
soy sheet paper $1 ; deep fried $2 ; sub brown rice $1